Monday, March 30, 2009

Oceanside Stage Show Is A Hit!

This past weekend's performance by the robots of Steam Powered Giraffe at the Sunshine Brooks Theatre in Oceanside California brought in more than 150 people over the course of the show's two day run. Many SPG Card Games were sold and a bunch of people stuck around after the shows to show their support in the lobby. The Steam Powered Giraffe robots were flabergasted at the crowded lobby and the amount of compliments, handshakes, pictures, and autographs given and received this weekend at the show (especially Saturday night). Be sure to check out Rabbit's latest blog entry about the run of the stage show by clicking here. SPG has lots of upcoming performances and shows in the works so be sure to check back here often for updates! The Seaport Villiage Spring Busker Festival is right around the corner and Steam Powered Giraffe just happens to be one of the groups competing. Try and make it to the festival so you can catch one of our performances and vote for us as one of the festival's top three buskers! More details coming soon...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPG Card Game Available at Oceanside Show

If you're planning on seeing the Steam Powered Giraffe stage show, "Colonel Peter A. Walter III’s Steam Powered Robots" on March 28th or 29th, then you might consider purchasing the official Steam Powered Giraffe Card Game in the lobby! For the price of just $9 you can be the proud owner of a wacky multiplayer card game made by the people behind the robots. For more information click here.