Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con Photo Contest!

Hello Steam Powered Robot and Comic Book Enthusiasts!

The robots are hard at work on the new album, but Rabbit has taken some time off to
stalk the halls of the San Diego convention center Thursday - Sunday for the annual San Diego Comic-Con, and we're holding a little contest to give you fans some nifty prizes.

All you have to do is track down Rabbit at the convention center and snap a photo with him. Send in your photo to, and after the convention we'll choose the two best entries to win spiffy prizes!

You can track down Rabbit by any means necessary (Hint: the SPG phone number is a cell phone). But keep in mind anyone who sends a text message to Rabbit will be disqualified because we can't afford to pay for texts on our number!

The prizes are as follows:


A digital copy of Steam Powered Giraffe's first album, to be released this summer.
A Robotized version of yourself drawn by SPG member Christopher Bennett


A Robotized version of yourself drawn by SPG member Christopher Bennett

So get yourself to the Comic-Con and snap those pictures!
Have a safe summer, and keep on truckin'!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July is Recording Month

As some of you may have already found out via our MySpace and Facebook pages, Steam Powered Giraffe was not able to obtain a permit at Balboa Park this month (luck of the draw). This means that throughout the month of July we will not be performing at Balboa Park. We are however hard at work finishing up our album and have replaced our weekend performances at Balboa Park with time in the recording studio as well as time rehearsing new material. We will inform fans of any upcoming performances this month as they develop. Thank you to all our fans and friends for their continued support!