Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Show, New Music Video, and Europe!

We have quite a lot of updates this month and we're going to cram them into this single news update!

We have another stage show January 22nd at Queen Bee's entitled "The 114 Year Anniversary Show". This show is set to rival our album release show by being even better! Click here for more details!

Steam Powered Giraffe has also released another music video!


The video features a remixed version of our song Clockwork Vaudeville, complete with flashy colorful images and cool sunglasses...Which is exactly what the kids these days like! Feel free to drop us a comment on what you think of our new "sellout" look and feel.

On one last final update, Steam Powered Giraffe is planning on street performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. We're accepting donations and raising money for this trip currently, and plan to make a few stops at other cities on our way to the festival. It should be quite the experience for us robots and event-goers alike.

Another live video interview on SPG TV through Livestream is planned in the next few weeks. The robots will once again be answering questions and dishing out the details on super secret stuff. Please send in your questions for the robots to, we will be picking the best ones and answering them live on SPG TV!

We hope to see you all soon at our upcoming endeavors! Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support, and take care!