Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Winter Gift To You!

Just in time for the winter holidays, Steam Powered Giraffe has a new batch of Album One CDs for you to buy for just $10. Not only has the price dropped on the physical album, but we've added an additional highly requested feature! Each and every Album One CD now comes with a Booklet Holder Pocket conveniently placed on the inside left flap! No longer will you have to track down your 12-page art and lyric booklet. Just slip it into the brand new Booklet Holder Pocket and you're all set! For all of you SPG buffs out there, this new batch now also has our copyright right on the back, as well as an illustrious
barcode now. 
Already have a copy of Album One digitally and on CD? Well now is the time to purchase our spectacular album for your loved ones! It makes a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice gift. Even if you gift it to someone who has never seen or heard us before, they will fall in love with the bright colors, anthropomorphic toaster lady, and brand new Booklet Holder Pocket!

Order your five or ten copies today by clicking here! We will be shipping them out daily. Order soon so you get get yours before the end of the month! You don't want to be the only kid without one after Winter break do you? Album One is way better than that Electronic Nerf Spring Loaded Action Batman Super Soaker Cycle!

Also, for those of you lucky enough to live in the San Diego area, you may purchase CDs directly from us at one of our upcoming shows. Those Sunday Balboa Park shows are perfect for such an occasion!

P.S.- On the eve of Winter Solstice when you open up that XBox 360 Rock Band 3 bundle present from your parents...make sure you download "Electricity is in My Soul" on the Rock Band Network! The Jon will thank you for it! (Not personally...just more generally like a thanking feeling spreading out from his heart like radio waves.) (Those radio waves won't be able to be picked up by a radio though...it was just a metaphor.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Performances and WWWC!

We've got some magical Sunday Balboa Park performances for you this month, so take a look at our "Upcoming Events" and calendar over on the side there and see which dates fit with your winter schedule. We look forward to seeing you! You might want to bring a jacket though, because during the freezing San Diego winter weather the temperatures have been known to plummet to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

We'd also like to invite you to Wild Wild West Con in Tucson Arizona next year in March. We will be performing at the V.I.P Dinner Conncert, as well as various other location throughout the convention. You can obtain more information about the convention, it's tickets, and fabulous events, by visiting their website at www.wildwildwestcon.com.

There are a ton of awesome shows coming up in January and February, and we can't wait to unleash the details on you! We'll be adding additional shows throughout the month as they become public, so stay tuned to our newsletter, website, Facebook, and Twitter!

P.S.- Rumor has it that Steam Powered Giraffe has a winter present for everyone, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clockwork Vaudeville Show Fundraising Party!

Get ready for the show before the show!
Steam Powered Giraffe and Otherwise Entertainment want you to come on down to Crossfit East Village in San Diego on November 6th for our Fundraiser party! There will be food, drinks, a silent auction featuring items from local artists and businesses, and of course, the musical comedy and circus talents of Steam Powered Giraffe and Otherwise Entertainment! This event will be helping fund our upcoming Clockwork Vaudeville show next year and we can't wait to bring it to you!

$5 cover at the door!
Crossfit members get in free.
Donations accepted. Please bring cash for the food, drinks and auction.
Be a part of our show!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Steam Powered Giraffe on Rock Band!

Do you own an Xbox 360 and the game Rock Band 2? If so, then starting today you can download Steam Powered Giraffe's song "Electricity is in My Soul" on the Rock Band Network for $0.99. That's right! The steam powered automatons have made their way into the video game realm, bringing their catchy tunes and vocal harmonies with them. So grab your friends and family, fire up the old video game console, then sing, drum, and mash your fingers on those plastic instruments to "Electricity is in My Soul". Click here for more information!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Robot Shows in October!

Steam Powered Giraffe has a plethora of shows this month! First off we have five Balboa Park shows on October 3rd, 9th, 10th, 23rd, and the 24th. You can catch the robots performing in front of the pond near the botanical garden on these days. Check out the Upcoming Shows list over on the right of our website for exact times. Next, The Oceanside Music Festival on October 12th has the bots performing at the Oceanside Museum of Art, where they will be showcasing their robotic harmonies and catchy tunes to the Oceansiders. Then back in San Diego on October 28th, the automatons will be performing at Claire De Lune Coffee Lounge in North Park as part of the Emerging Arts Leaders' North Park Arts Crawl. Finally, for all you vampires, werewolves, spidermen, and vampiric werespiders, the robots will be finishing up the month at the Halloween Funday event at Balboa Park San Diego. There will be family oriented events throughout the park, so wear your costumes and bring the kids! There's plenty to do in Balboa for Halloween! (Note: Steam Powered Giraffe will be performing specifically at The Spanish Village Art Center for this event)

Lastly, Steam Powered Giraffe was voted 2nd best Live Comedy Act in San Diego from the Best of 10news.com's A-List contest. We'd like to thank everyone who supported and voted for us, we are very honored.

There are plenty of opportunities to catch your favorite four-robot robot band this month, so pick a date or two and join us for some robot music and fun!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A-List, More Shows, and Merchandise

Steam Powered Giraffe has once again been nominated for 10news.com's San Diego A-List! Last year they came in 3rd Place for Best Live Comedy Act. You can show your support by voting for Steam Powered Giraffe here.

There are a ton of shows this month and next month and we'd love to see you at them! The robots successfully renewed their permit for Balboa Park this August and have added a plethora of Balboa Park show dates to their calendar. Later this month the bots will be heading up to Ontario California to perform for two nights at the Ontario Mills Mall, so if you happen to be in that area, feel free to join us! Then next month, SPG will be performing at the event A Night of Steampunk to Benefit Fybromaligia in Ventura California. There are no shortages of performances any time soon, and with the majority of our public shows being free, there's even more reason to come out and take a gander at the witty mechanical men (and one girl robot).

Last but not least, we have several new merchandise items that are available for purchase. You can now sink your teeth into and quench your Steam Powered Giraffe crave with our new buttons, handmade crafts, and digital art prints. Lets not forget about our other merchandise that has been out for awhile...Album One! It still sounds great after 8 months and comes in two flavors, iTunes or Physical CD. You might also like to know that we have a dozen or so SPG: The Card Games left, so if you are so inclined, purchase one before they run out, because once they're gone they're gone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

SPG Show Near Comic Con!

San Diego's original singing robot comedy act is winding up for a new show Thursday, July 22nd. The week of Comic Con!

The quartet of quirky robots are joined by one-man-band Michael Reed of The Smart Brothers as they weave a laugh-out-loud colorful performance imbued with pantomime illusion and folk inspired songs.

Opening for the robots are the local Harry Potter band Rumbledore,
which will be followed by a live art showdown by SPG members Jon Sprague and Christopher Bennett, as they race to paint portraits of lucky raffle winners.

There will be prizes to win via Raffle, Steam Powered Giraffe merchandise for sale, and a tournament of the SPG Card Game.


6:30 PM: Steam Powered Giraffe: The Card Game Tournament
Doors open at 6:30 PM for TCG tournament. If you are participating make sure to arrive on time!

7:30 PM: Rumbledore
8:15 PM: LIVE Art Battle
9:00 PM: Steam Powered Giraffe

Also, if you don't already know, we recently launched our Official Steam Powered Giraffe Fan Club, The Cavalcadium. It features some interesting lore behind the world of Steam Powered Giraffe and other fun things. Feel free to sign up for the forums, as well as submit a Cavalcadium Member application!

We have quite a few free Balboa Park shows this month, so there are plenty of opportunities to see the singing musical automatons perform!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cavalcadium!

Kazooks! We're happy to announce the unveiling of SPG's official fan club, The Cavalcadium of Peter Walter, which took place at FACEMELTAPALOOZA April 30th.
Peter Walter, the current caretaker of the steam powered robots, has created a community for fans to meet, be creative, and help promote SPG.
The website has a fully functioning forum with a built in chat system, promotional material for you to use, and a budding Lore section exploring the intricacies of the SPG universe.

Stop on by www.thecavalcadium.com and register on the forums.
And if you want to join the fan club, click the 'Join' button at the top to submit your application!

May means Vegas for the robots, and you'll find them performing at the First Friday Art Festival May 7th somewhere in the gigantic span of twenty blocks with over 100 performers! The festivities last from 6 PM - 10 PM. We also have several Free Balboa Park performances this month, including one on Mother's Day!

FACEMELTAPALOOZA was a wonderful success with the use of better audio equipment, the first live performance of Not Alone, and SPG's new song, Fabricated Blue. We'd like to thank all who attended and donated. The results can be seen on the Airplane Fund Meter. We'd like to encourage you to donate if you haven't. Every cent counts, and if you have a proposal for a paid show or gig for us, that's even better, as work is always preferred. Thank you so much for all the support so far! Have a wonderful May!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Donations and Vegas!

You may have heard Steam Powered Giraffe is saving up to go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Europe this August. This is the largest busking festival in the world and will let the robots visit many countries, sharing the act with new faces and fans outside the USA!
Now while pinching pennies at Balboa Park, selling albums, and scrounging up paying gigs has been the game plan, we're asking for your help to fund our trip. To send David, Jon, Erin, Christopher, and Mike to Europe, we need to accumulate $8,000 for the airplane tickets!

We've been putting together some great shows for you where we'll be accepting donations, including FACEMELTAPALOOZA April 30th. But we're actively seeking other paying gigs to fund the trip, so if you'd like to help out but want to get some bang for your buck, remember that the robots are programmed for endless entertainment possibilities. Stage shows, roaming ambience, street busking, etc.

You can donate through paypal on the right hand side of our main website. Just click the button above our Fund Meter.
Alternatively you can inquire about donating or putting together a show with us by calling (619) 971-3294 or e-mailing steampoweredgiraffe@gmail.com.

Come May the robots and Mr. Reed are packing their bags for their first show outside of California! Friday, May 7th is the First Friday Monthly Art Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Spanning more than 20 city blocks and hosting over 100 artists on the sidewalks and gallery spaces, First Friday is a whimsical night of creativity featuring improv on the street, artists, vendors and much much more!

You'll be able to catch Steam Powered Giraffe along with the Amazing Mr. Reed busking in Vegas from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM all over the festival grounds. And you'll know exactly where to see them via LIVE Twitter and Facebook updates!

Click here for more detailed information about the event.
You can also plan your trip with the festival map by clicking here.

We hope the coming months bring smiles to your faces! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to entertaining you all real soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SPG Webcomic & Anime Convention Performance

Kazooks! The folks behind Steam Powered Giraffe now bring you a unique look into the universe of the robots with the Steam Powered Giraffe Webcomic.

Every Sunday the online comic book updates with a new page for your reading pleasure, written by the robot performers and drawn by Christopher Bennett (Rabbit). Its a fun journey into imagination and the surreal; where the comedic dialogue the robots speak in their live performances suddenly comes to life in a funny graphic novel, and it is readily available at your fingertips online.
If you're hungry for seeing the robots live, March still has some opportunities to catch the robots performing at Balboa Park on weekends, and April is ripe with performances. Facemeltapalooza is April 30th, but you can also catch the robots April 10th at the Anime Conji Masquerade during halftime!

Anime Conji is San Diego's premiere Anime convention, and runs April 9-11, 2010. Saturday, April 10th is the Costume Masquerade and is from 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM, with an intermission featuring Steam Powered Giraffe. Click here for registration details, location, and more!
We look forward to seeing you at our next shows and hope you enjoy what is yet to come!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Get ready for Facemeltapalooza! Steam Powered Giraffe is putting on another stage show at the all-ages venue Queen Bee's Art and Cultural Center April 30th from 7pm to 11pm. Alongside the robots will be Random Gibberish, Xach the Ripper, and of course Mr. Reed. The bots will also be accepting donations at Facemeltapalooza for their trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, so they can afford plane tickets. Steam Powered Giraffe's Album One along with their card game will also be available for purchase at the show. Check out the event by clicking here!

The robot's complete show calendar has also been updated with several Free Balboa Park Robot Shows for the month of March, so be sure to check out the dates and times and make plans for a fun-filled day at beautiful San Diego Balboa Park.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Performances Galore!

The bots are hard at work on many new shows in the following months, and February holds some great opportunities to see the robots for Free!

First off, there is a LIVE Radio Interview of Steam Powered Giraffe coming up Monday, February 8th on Griffin Radio. Isaac Godina will be hosting on his block from 10 AM - 12 PM. Tune in on the internet to hear what the members of SPG have been up to, and you can even call in live at (619) 644-7287.
Visit http://www.grossmont.edu/griffinradio to listen!

The Grossmont College Student Talent Festival is February 24th, from 10 AM - 2 PM, and features local San Diego performance talent including Steam Powered Giraffe, SamHears, the Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble, and many more of Grossmont's finest entertainers. You won't have to pay a dime for this wonderful event, so bring your friends and help build an audience for the students at Grossmont College! Click here for more details and directions.
Last, but certainly not least, the robots have a slew of free Balboa Park weekend performances lined up for February, which you can plan to attend by looking at our calendar here. We are also doing a special Valentine's Day Balboa Park Performance on the prado Sunday, February 14th from 1 PM - 4 PM. So bring your sweetie and stop on by to hear your favorite SPG love songs!
We're finalizing details on events in March and April, so stay tuned for even more SPG shows! We've got some surprises coming up!