Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Donations and Vegas!

You may have heard Steam Powered Giraffe is saving up to go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Europe this August. This is the largest busking festival in the world and will let the robots visit many countries, sharing the act with new faces and fans outside the USA!
Now while pinching pennies at Balboa Park, selling albums, and scrounging up paying gigs has been the game plan, we're asking for your help to fund our trip. To send David, Jon, Erin, Christopher, and Mike to Europe, we need to accumulate $8,000 for the airplane tickets!

We've been putting together some great shows for you where we'll be accepting donations, including FACEMELTAPALOOZA April 30th. But we're actively seeking other paying gigs to fund the trip, so if you'd like to help out but want to get some bang for your buck, remember that the robots are programmed for endless entertainment possibilities. Stage shows, roaming ambience, street busking, etc.

You can donate through paypal on the right hand side of our main website. Just click the button above our Fund Meter.
Alternatively you can inquire about donating or putting together a show with us by calling (619) 971-3294 or e-mailing steampoweredgiraffe@gmail.com.

Come May the robots and Mr. Reed are packing their bags for their first show outside of California! Friday, May 7th is the First Friday Monthly Art Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Spanning more than 20 city blocks and hosting over 100 artists on the sidewalks and gallery spaces, First Friday is a whimsical night of creativity featuring improv on the street, artists, vendors and much much more!

You'll be able to catch Steam Powered Giraffe along with the Amazing Mr. Reed busking in Vegas from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM all over the festival grounds. And you'll know exactly where to see them via LIVE Twitter and Facebook updates!

Click here for more detailed information about the event.
You can also plan your trip with the festival map by clicking here.

We hope the coming months bring smiles to your faces! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to entertaining you all real soon!