Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Winter Gift To You!

Just in time for the winter holidays, Steam Powered Giraffe has a new batch of Album One CDs for you to buy for just $10. Not only has the price dropped on the physical album, but we've added an additional highly requested feature! Each and every Album One CD now comes with a Booklet Holder Pocket conveniently placed on the inside left flap! No longer will you have to track down your 12-page art and lyric booklet. Just slip it into the brand new Booklet Holder Pocket and you're all set! For all of you SPG buffs out there, this new batch now also has our copyright right on the back, as well as an illustrious
barcode now. 
Already have a copy of Album One digitally and on CD? Well now is the time to purchase our spectacular album for your loved ones! It makes a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice gift. Even if you gift it to someone who has never seen or heard us before, they will fall in love with the bright colors, anthropomorphic toaster lady, and brand new Booklet Holder Pocket!

Order your five or ten copies today by clicking here! We will be shipping them out daily. Order soon so you get get yours before the end of the month! You don't want to be the only kid without one after Winter break do you? Album One is way better than that Electronic Nerf Spring Loaded Action Batman Super Soaker Cycle!

Also, for those of you lucky enough to live in the San Diego area, you may purchase CDs directly from us at one of our upcoming shows. Those Sunday Balboa Park shows are perfect for such an occasion!

P.S.- On the eve of Winter Solstice when you open up that XBox 360 Rock Band 3 bundle present from your parents...make sure you download "Electricity is in My Soul" on the Rock Band Network! The Jon will thank you for it! (Not personally...just more generally like a thanking feeling spreading out from his heart like radio waves.) (Those radio waves won't be able to be picked up by a radio though...it was just a metaphor.)