Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Robots and Comedic Acrobats/Dancers!

The Platt Brothers are three real-life brothers whose comedic dance and acrobatics have taken them from local San Diego stages to tours across the US, and internationally broadcast television such as America's Got Talent, and the Chabad Telethon. Their self-titled show earned them "Best Live Comedy" in 2009, and "Best Family Entertainment" in 2010 by San Diego's A-List. You might already know this, but Steam Powered Giraffe took third place for "Best Live Comedy" in San Diego's A-List in 2009 and 2010 respectively, so it's only natural that The Platt Brothers would want to join forces with the robots and invite them to perform with them.

In their new show, Seven Days of Awesome, The Platt Brothers are joined by some of their most talented and entertaining friends to create a week of unique and unforgettable shows. From an Emmy award-winning storyteller to musical robots (that's us, Steam Powered Giraffe), every night features new and different performers alongside the hilarious and energetic Platt Brothers.

It's a year's worth of unforgettable entertainment, super-concentrated into Seven Days of Awesome! Steam Powered Giraffe will be performing with The Platt Brothers on Wednesday January 19th, so when you buy your tickets, make sure you purchase them for January 19th!
Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.
If you're really in the mood for entertainment, bring your ticket from either their Monday January 17th or their Tuesday January 18th show to our show, and you'll receive a special Steam Powered Giraffe Cavalcadium Robot Giraffe Button!

We've got a few Balboa Park shows this month, and we'll definitely be advertising, plugging, and raising awareness for The Platt Brothers show, so be sure to head on down, listen to some catchy robotic tunes and grab a flier for the show!

Next month sees the robots performing with Abney Park in one show and with circus performers in another. We've got a constant stream of San Diego shows for you musical robot enthusiasts out there, so stay tuned to our website, e-newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest and greatest SPG news!