Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honeybee Now Available!

You knew we'd get around to doing it sooner or later, but who knew it would be so soon?! Our fan-popular song "Honeybee" is now a brand new single! The fans spoke and we apparentlylistened. Lots of you told us that we should release Honeybee as a single, and little did you know that we had this up our sleeves the whole time! Muwahaha! This new single has been released in anticipation of our second album, which will debut later this year, so grab your copy, listen, and get pumped for our second album! Honeybee is available on iTunes and can be yours by clicking here. It's also available at other online digital music distributors, simply go to your favorite MP3 site and search for us!

And if you'd like to see Honeybee performed live, worry not!

Our show, Clockwork Vaudeville, on February 19th in San Diego at the Birch Theatre, is by far the grandest show we've ever put on. Do you like acrobatics? Juggling? Dancing? Knife throwers? How about all of those things jumbled together with your favorite singing robot pals? Heck, we've even got our two human back-up musicians Mr. Reed and Samuel Luke joining in on the fun. If you've never seen a Steam Powered Giraffe stage show before, this is definitely the one you're going to want to catch. If you have seen our stage shows before, well this is the juiciest one to date and we plan on giving you the most bang for you buck. It's much more than just a concert, it's a theatrical experience involving circus performers, the robots, and you! Click here for more details and to purchase tickets.