Monday, February 21, 2011

The Robots Saddle Up and Ready Samurai Swords

Steam Powered Giraffe just finished up the first run of their Clockwork Vaudeville show and it was a success! The 725 seat Birch North Park Theatre in San Diego was completely sold out and we couldn't have asked for a better turnout. We'd like to thank everyone involved with the production, but more importantly everyone who came out and showed their support! We hope each and every one of you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. We will definitely be remounting this show in the not to distant future as it exceeded all expectations. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook, Twitter, and e-Newsletter for updates.

The month of March see's the robots saddling up and heading out West (well actually East since they're from California) to Tuscon Arizona for the Wild Wild West Convention. The robots (and Mr. Reed) will be performing at the VIP Dinner event on the evening of the 3rd, as well as other multiple locations and stages throughout the remainder of the convention. If you're headed out on your trusty horse, trained hippopotamus, or giant mechanical spider, we'd love to see you out there! We'll be bringing our CDs and Buttons and peddling them to the local yodeling jackelopes.

At the end of March, the San Diego Anime Conji Convention will be honoring Steam Powered Giraffe by having us play on the evening of the 25th. We're thinking we were invited because each of us are over power level 9,000 and The Jon has mastered the art of Mothra Origami Battle Riding. You will also be able to see the robots before their performance on the same day at the "Meet the Guests" panel.

We have a ton of stuff in the works (like our second Album) and a plethora of upcoming shows. Thank you to everyone who enjoys our work and comes to our shows! We love each and every one of you and will give hugs on request, except for The Spine, because he doesn't know where you have been.