Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holiday Masquerade and Conventions Galore!

We've got quite the evening planned for you all on December 10th. A steampunk holiday masquerade ball! Don your finest or most festive evening/masquerade attire and join us on San Diego's largest and best dance floor! For this special alternative Victorian Ball, MC Walter Nelson will present L'Heure Verte, performing a stimulating range of authentic period music, and Steam Powered Giraffe. Non-dancers are welcome and will have no difficulty participating in the Grand March! Light refreshments are included with entry. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets!

The robots will then be heading north to Long Beach California to perform on the water at the Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary, which takes place January 13th to the 16th. Steam Powered Giraffe will be participating in a variety of events throughout the run of convention, and will also headline The Queen's Dinner Theatre on Friday the 13th! Visit the event's website for more details.

For all you non-California fans, the robots will be traveling to Austin Texas where they will be putting on a concert at Clockwork Con on the evening of January 21st. While at the convention you'll also be able to witness the robots performing an entirely acoustic show! If you've never seen Steam Powered Giraffe and you live in or near Texas, here's your chance to catch them! Click here for more information about the convention.