Monday, December 12, 2011

New Album and an Uncle Ralphie Show!

On the road to the release of our next studio album, we present this intermission disc that captures the fun of our live shows. Utilizing live recordings from Summer 2011, we've added a faux audience to create a show that never was.

All your favorite songs are present with the popular renditions we do at our concerts. There are also new songs which include "Ju Ju Magic," "Me & My Baby (Saturday Night)," and "Automatonic Electronic Harmonics." And like our performances on stage, the album features bits with the robot characters and their zany shtick.

"Steam Powered Giraffe: Live at the Globe of Yesterday's Tomorrow" showcases the evolution of the group since the release of Album One in 2009. It serves as a bridge to our next studio album, and is an essential you'll want to add to your collection and share again and again with friends and family.
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Steam Powered Giraffe & Otherwise Entertainment are proud to present a new cabaret show!

Ralph Benedict, AKA "Uncle Ralphie" is what happens when a mime and an imaginary character have a son.

Over the hundreds of years he has lived, Uncle Ralphie has rallied various entertainers from all over the universe to put on unforgettable spectacles. Spectacles such as Uncle Ralphie's Magic Jukebox Band or The Bayou Music Festival. The Bayou Music Festival was headlined by none other than Colonel Walter's Steam Man Band Steam Powered Giraffe aboard the steamboat the S. S. Biscuiteer, where the music became so hot and loud it burned right through the deck!

Though decades have passed since Uncle Ralphie last put on one of his events, he has returned from Kazooland with a colorful cavalcade of characters he calls, "Uncle Ralphie's Magical Musical Sideshow Spectacular." Joining to headline is Walter's own steam powered robots, supported by an arsenal of entertainers which include acrobats, belly dancers, contortionists, and more!

Motors hum and hydraulics hiss in tune with the catchy melodies of antique robots. And the maniacal laughter of Uncle Ralphie summons forth dazzling spectacles by otherworldly circus entertainers.

Join Steam Powered Giraffe on an imaginative ride into the wacky world of Uncle Ralphie. A magical evening to delight and astound, and you'll want to share it with the whole family!
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In January the robots will be in Long Beach California performing on the water at the Steampunk Symposium aboard the Queen Mary, which takes place January 13th to the 16th. Steam Powered Giraffe will be participating in a variety of events throughout the run of convention, and will also headline The Queen's Dinner Theatre on Friday the 13th!
Visit the event's website for more details.

If you're wondering when the robots will be performing outside of California, you're in luck! The end of January sees the bots heading to Austin Texas where they will be putting on a concert at Clockwork Con on the evening of January 21st. While at the convention you'll also be able to witness the robots performing an entirely acoustic show! If you've never seen Steam Powered Giraffe and you live in or near Texas, here's your chance to catch them!
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