Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kickstarter Success!

You guys did it! We successfully raised our goal of $3000!- Aaaand then some! The final donation count is $10,786! We can't believe how you guys responded to our call for help, and you totally blew away our expectations.
We'll be sorting through the details to send out your rewards as soon as we can- Expect updates to keep you in the loop, and those of you getting early copies of the 2-Cent show don't have to wait long- May is the targeted production wrap up. Once we have those puppies in our hands, we'll sign them and ship them out to you first!
Friends, from the entire band we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
A lot of people have been asking if we'll be doing more Kickstarter fundraisers in the future to help fund more tangible projects- and I think with the success of this, Kickstarter is a great way not only to realize our more expensive endeavors, but give you some additional cool stuff! Take care and we'll hopefully see you on the road!

March 31st we've got a real treat for you San Diego California residence! An event organized by our fan community! Featuring a plethora of entertainers ranging from dancing to magic, plus games, prizes, and food! And of course, acoustic performances by Steam Powered Giraffe! This is the Spring Carnival at Balboa Park, and the best part is that it's FREE! Granted it is a fundraiser, but here's your chance to see how the robots started out- right off the prado.

If you've never been to an acoustic SPG show, here are a few helpful hints to make the experience the best it can be:

1. Be absolutely quiet when the robots are playing (except for the appropriate choruses) - since there is no amplification, we need to use the natural resonance and acoustics of the park, and it sounds much better when nobody is talking over us. You'd be surprised at how quieter we sound when not on stage

2. Let the kids sit in front!

3. Bring your own chair and shade. This is at a park after all.

It is our honor to do this special busking show for you, so please remember to tip us if you appreciate the robots, and make sure to bring all your friends and family!

We'll see you there!