Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome Hatchworth!

We'd like to welcome into the family the latest addition to Steam Powered Giraffe, Hatchworth the robot!

Some may recognize our latest addition as our former drummer Samuel Luke. He has taken up the reins to become the next automaton performer in the act.

You can catch Hatchworth's premiere performance at Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan this November! We've got a concert the night of Friday, November 2nd and we will be putting on special panels and signing autographs Saturday, November 3rd.

November 30th through December 2nd, the robots will be at Teslacon 2012 in Middleton, Wisconsin. While we enjoy everything the event has to offer, we'll also be mingling and promoting our big concert for 2013's Teslacon convention. It's about a year away, but you can still get your chance to meet the performers with photo ops and exclusive panels at this year's Teslacon.

The new year brings even more exciting events and concerts (see them lining up to the right on this page) as well as new projects from Walter's Steam Man Band, so attune your ears to the grinding gears for more announcements soon! Or better yet...sign up for our Newsletter!

Have a happy October everyone!