Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Steam Powered Giraffe Comic and Rabbit’s New Look!

Steam Powered Giraffe Comic and Rabbit's New Look!

(Click here to view the first few pages of our newly launched comic!)

Hello all! David Michael Bennett here! I play the silver robot, The Spine in the band Steam Powered Giraffe! I just wanted to give you all an update on some new stuff we've got coming your way in 2014!

We are pleased to announce the premiere of the official Steam Powered Giraffe Comic! It's coming your way in the form of page-by-page updates starting today! The comic, which delves into the back story of the robot characters in the band, is written by the the band itself and is illustrated by Bunny Bennett (Rabbit) and Samuel Luke (Hatchworth). It will be updated routinely and published online for all of you to view and read for free, page by page as the pages are completed.

A few of you might have seen the early stages of this comic that we posted in the past, but there have been extensive changes to the group since its beginning four years ago and we couldn't be more excited to finally be bringing it to you all!

Some might be wondering where the character Rabbit is in the comic teaser image above...
Well Rabbit is actually in there! He's the automaton girl. You see, Rabbit is now going to be a female robot instead of a male robot.

This gender change will be reflected in our live shows going forward and you can expect to see the changes starting this year in 2014.

There will be a transition period in our live shows where the female Rabbit character design is developed, and then, like a lot of things in our act, will organically change as the act progresses: Costume, makeup; the whole deal.

It'll be an abrupt change for some fans for sure, but you can rest easy knowing that the Rabbit character isn't going anywhere. He's simply becoming a she.

We're all progressively minded here in Steam Powered Giraffe, and we hope the change is taken as softly as when Hatchworth or Rabbit got a new jacket, or when The Spine had a mustache installed on him that one time for one show, or when he grew giant stegosaurus spines out of his back. No big deal right? Well, maybe those are hard comparisons to this instance, but I'd personally like to think it's no big deal. And that's the collective viewpoint in the band.

It's a step forward for us and those of you who know a bit about the band will know that we support LGBT+ rights in our personal lives. For all our differences, we all the same and nothing relating to stuff like this makes anyone in the world different than anyone else. We're all human.

While our act is not specifically focusing on these issues, we do like to be progressive and show that we are accepting of everyone and that we welcome the differences that make us all human and beautiful.

With a new year and change in the air, we also have a new live show DVD coming out early this year of our Walter Robotics Expo show that took place over the summer of 2013. We think it will serve as a good snapshot of 2013 and the excellent milestone brought in with Sam and Matt's arrival and for the band's ongoing changes that we keep pumping out.
(I am sure it's only a matter of time before The Spine grows a tail and turns into a dinosaur).

As artists we want to add, improve, and continue creating entertainment for all of our fans to enjoy, and it makes us happy to do what we love and share it with all of you.

And with that, I'd like to thank all of you for your continued support and all of the love you give us each and every day in the form of emails, comments, reblogs, fan mail, gifts, and in-person dialog with us at live shows. We love you all! Happy New Year. We look forward to the next!

-David Michael Bennett (The Spine)