Monday, March 17, 2014

We are TOTES Serious about our NEW BUTTONS

Y'like that? Little bit of word play?

No? Well...who asked you anyway...

As it were, we do have new totes in stock (flat with no bottom) and a brand new series of buttons!

Now the title makes more sense, right? Well, you can add them to your cart and we'll ship them off to you anywhere in the world from San Diego. And don't forget- make use of those shipping fees...feel free to add an album or two or even the much coveted SPG Kazookaphone!

If you're looking to catch the band live, check us out this April in Calico Ghost Town for Californians or Midwest Media Expo in Detroit.

And if you haven't heard yet- Steam Powered Giraffe is going back to Jersey in May!

It's already been such an eventful year, and there's no plans on slowing down. We hope to see you at our live shows, and as always- we appreciate your continued support!